Carolines Own Self-designed Garden

Marsden Ave web pics 001.jpgMarsden Ave cropped web pics 003.jpgCaroline purchased a large secluded property in 1998 and proceeded to clear and terrace the garden using volcanic rock dug from the site. Each level of the garden connecting to the next as a series of garden rooms, each with its own style and purpose.

The first thing guests see when they arrive is a bold entrance garden with a water feature as its centre piece.

Marsden Ave web pics 027.jpgMarsden Ave web pics 034.jpgHere Caroline uses a mix of bold textural plants in red, bronze and black to complement the water feature. Including the succulent Aeonium Schwarzkopf, Cordyline Caruba Black and Phormium Platts Black. These are contrasted with a mix of green easy care foliage plants.

Marsden Ave web pics 042.jpgMarsden Ave Web pics 049.jpgLarge areas of lawn were retained to balance the garden and provide enough space for children’s play. The lawns on two of the terraces provide a base for the garden with green being the predominant colour.

Marsden Ave web pics 019.jpgMarsden Ave web pics 029.jpgBold colour is wonderful in the garden but Caroline sees colour as a bonus in the garden. Varying greens, textures and leaf forms are what holds it together.

Marsden Ave web pics 036.jpgMarsden Ave web pics 031.jpgHere easy care shrubs and trees with a variety of foliage types create a lush sub-tropical feel.

Marsden Ave web pics 012.jpgSculpture in the garden.jpgWith rock being a problem in this Mt Eden garden more terraces were necessary at the rear of the house. Rather than try to remove all of the rock Caroline has worked with the slope of the landscape and created a series of entertainment spaces connected by stone steps. These connect to the decks on the northern side of the house making the most of the sun and its sheltered aspect.

Marsden Ave web pics 018.jpgMarsden Ave web pics 041.jpgThe petanque court with its high hedges and loose shell paving was one of the first areas to be developed. This sheltered space is designed not only as a favourite spot for friends to enjoy a game of petanque but as a place of retreat from a busy lifestyle and a retreat from the rest of the garden.

Marsden Ave web pics 007.jpgMarsden Ave web pics 040.jpgFrom the paved terraces you can continue on to the newest part of the garden with its easy care flowing grasses, perennials and pebble surface. In summer it’s a great garden to relax and enjoy a good book in the hammock. In winter the teenagers of the family hang out in the evening with chairs and brazier blazing toasting marshmallows.

Marsden Ave web pics 037.jpgThis garden is based on yellow as its theme suggested by the grapefruit tree, a remnant of the original garden. Groups of yellow flowering clivia, cannas and daylilies are planted here along with variegated yellow flax Phormium ‘Duet’, Libertia ‘Goldfinger’ and native grass Carex ‘Evergold’.